our Programs

Our programs are rooted in three pillars, Confidence, Christ and Community. We strongly believe developing young girls’ self-esteem is the foundation to unleashing their full potential. With a sturdy foundation, we encourage Sunflowers to create and maintain intimate and personal relationships with Christ through hands-on bible studies and group discussions. Christ is the nucleus in all that we do and we motivate Sunflowers to ground themselves in his word and promises by challenging world views and finding the parallelism to modern and biblical times. Our monthly programs are designed for Sunflowers to discover themselves through the lens of Christ, which is precious and honorable. We equip our girls with the necessary tools, scriptures and coping mechanisms to maneuver through girlhood and become confident, Christian leaders.

Interactive Bible Studies

Engaging and thought-provoking Bible study sessions that delve into the Scriptures, focusing on themes relevant to girls.

Group Discussions

Open and authentic discussions where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences, and questions.

Prayer Time

Dedicated time for group and individual prayer, fostering a deeper connection with God and each other.

Activities and Fellowship

Fun activities, crafts, and outings that build camaraderie and make studying the Bible enjoyable and memorable.

Guest Speakers

Occasional guest speakers who share their insights and experiences to inspire.

Field Trips

Occasional outings that support biblical teachings, promote sisterhood, increase cultural competence and encourage academic excellence.


Opportunities to strengthen leadership skills and network with like minded girls

Congratulations to the Sunflowers for winning 2nd place in the Young At Art Recycled Fashion Show 2022

The Sunflowers designed a dress out of recycled materials to bring awareness to ocean environmental issues. The environmental issue they chose was coral bleaching, which is when coral begins to lose its vibrant color mainly due to pollution.  They showcased their sustainable, recycled, couture fashions in a NY style fashion show and won 2nd place!

Tea Time in the Sunflower Garden